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Steve and Mike Bilica may be co-owners of Home Comfort Systems near Chicago, but they’re quick to make it clear who’s in charge. “The homeowner is the real boss,” said Steve. “Customer satisfaction is the top priority in everything we do.”

We guarantee your satisfaction  or theres is no charge for any service or installation work that we do. there is no payment or signature required until the work is inspected by you and approved.

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You Don’t Use One Switch

to Turn On Every Light.

You Don’t Use One Handle
to Turn On Every Faucet.

So Why Use Just One Thermostat For Your Entire Home?

Is Temperature Zoning Right for You?

Temperature zoning is highly recommended
if your home has Multiple levels

• Room(s) with large windows

• Large open areas such as vaulted ceilings or foyer

• Room(s) in a finished basement or attic

• Room(s) with an exposed concrete floor

• Rooms that are consistently too hot or too cold

• Bedroom(s) in the upper levels

• Rooms that are used occasionally

• Occupied rooms in the attic or basement

• An extra room over the garage

TEMPERATURE zoning is highly
recommended if you:

• An extra room over the garage

• Have young children

• Spend most of your day at home

• Occupied rooms in the attic or basement

• Have sleepless nights because your upstairs rooms
  are too warm

• Avoid your downstairs rooms because they're too cold

• Close vents in one room in attempt to redirect airflow

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