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Steve and Mike Bilica may be co-owners of Home Comfort Systems near Chicago, but they’re quick to make it clear who’s in charge. “The homeowner is the real boss,” said Steve. “Customer satisfaction is the top priority in everything we do.”

We guarantee your satisfaction  or theres is no charge for any service or installation work that we do. there is no payment or signature required until the work is inspected by you and approved.
One of our high efficiency furnaces sold in Bolingbrook, IL

thermostats and home automation

Nexia™ Home Intelligence combines wireless technology and simple web access to make everything in your home speak one simple language

  1. Adjust home temperature and manage energy use remotely using most web-enabled cell phones or computers
  2. Allow entry to your home through the Schlage® Home Keypad even when you’re not there
  3. Assign up to 19 private four-digit codes for family members
  4. Receive instant texts and email alerts when codes are used
  5. Set recurring codes for housekeepers or frequent guests
  6. Add, delete or change user codes remotely
  7. Confirm the status of your wireless lock from anywhere
  8. Program lights to turn on/off at different times of the day
  9. Schedule your lights to turn on when lock code is entered
  10. Includes a six month trial subscription when purchased from an American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer​ 



  1. Reduce up to 56 percent of your energy usage with this central air system that surpasses government efficiency standards.*
  2. This home central air conditioner runs at 70 percent capacity except on the hottest days when it steps up to the seond stage thanks to a two-step Duration™ compressor with two-stage cooling.
  3. Experience quiet operation with this system that is so quiet, you'll barely notice it's running.
  4. Enjoy our home cooling systems that cool your home with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that’s ozone-safe.
  5. Get more efficient and reliable cooling, thanks to a durable Spine Fin™ coil found in this home central air conditioner.
  6. Rust-resistant coating, screws and basepan protect system from the elements.


  1. Save up to 47 percent on your cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions with this home air conditioning system that surpasses government efficiency standards.*
  2. Experience more efficient and reliable cooling, thanks to the air conditioning system's Spine Fin™ coil and durable compressor.
  3. Built to last, this central air conditioning system's rust-resistant coating, screws and basepan help protect the system from the elements.

*Potential energy use comparing an 8-SEER system to a 15-SEER high-efficiency system. Actual energy savings will vary.

High Efficiency Air Conditioners & Furnaces in Bolingbrook, IL


  1. Variable speed gas furnace reduces​ temperature swings
  2. 65-percent capacity more than 80 percent of the time
  3. 80 AFUE, meaning this furnace converts up to 80 percent of the fuel you pay for into heat for your home 
  4. This quiet gas furnace evenly distributes warm air to every room with its variable-speed fan motor
  5. In the summer Comfort-R™ helps keep your home cooler by reducing indoor humidity
  6. Significantly surpasses government efficiency standards, helping you save on your energy bills while reducing greenhouse emissions.


  1. The Silver XI Furnace converts up to 80 percent of the fuel you pay for to heat your home
  2. Saves on energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions* by significantly surpassing government efficiency standards
  3. May help you increase your overall cooling efficiency rating by up to an additional two SEER points when installed as part of a complete system
  4. Operates quietly and efficiently with its multi-speed blower motor
  5. Its heavy steel, insulated cabinet is durable, quiet and holds more heat in the furnace to better warm your home

*Potential energy savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, home construction, and installation of equipment and duct system.


These are just a few of many units available that quality for Nicor and ComEd rebates.


In wintertime and in hot, dry climates, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s family of whole-home humidifiers add moisture to dry indoor air, making it more comfortable. Enjoy the affordable convenience of quiet, automated home humidifiers from American Standard.

  1. Designed for homes with up to 4,200 square feet
  2. Automatically delivers the right amount of humidity as needed
  3. Delivers up to 50 percent more moisture than comparable humidifiers
  4. Uses an optimal outdoor sensor to monitor temperature to maintain correct indoor humidity levels
  5. So quiet, you'll barely notice it's running
  6. Flow-Through Design helps control mineral buildup, minimizing maintenance
  7. Resists rust and corrosion
  8. Quick-access humidifier pad makes maintenance easy


Asthma, Allergies, Sinus, Problems? Breathe easier with the AccuClean Air Purification System. The nation’s best air cleaner, period - up to 99.98% Effective.

​American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning offers a number of ways to clean and freshen the air in your home so you can breathe easier without compromising comfort. An AccuClean Whole-Home Air Filtration System can remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne particles and allergens from the filtered air your family breathes – including dust, dander, pollen and bacteria. Pretty cool, huh? It also outperforms HEPA, and is up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-inch filter. So you can spend less time worrying about your air, and more time relaxing and enjoying your home.

  1. Removes up to 99.98% of allergens from filtered air
  2. Catches particles even smaller than .1 micron in size
  3. 8 times more effective than the best HEPA room appliance
  4. 100 times more effective than a standard 1" throwaway filter or ionic-type room appliance
  5. Delivers cleaner air, and more of it
  6. Reusable filter is easy to vacuum or wash


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